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학술지명 논문명 ISBN_ISSN 주저자명
2017 BIOSENSORS & BIOELECTRONICS Two-photon fluorescence sensors for imaging NMDA receptors and monitoring release of Zn2+ from the presynaptic terminal 0956-5663 Chen, Xiaoqiang
2017 BIOMACROMOLECULES Three-Dimensional Electroconductive Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogels Incorporated with Carbon Nanotubes and Polypyrrole by Catechol-Mediated Dispersion Enhance Neurogenesis of Human Neural Stem Cells 1525-7797 Shin, Jisoo
2017 ADVANCED HEALTHCARE MATERIALS Thin, Soft, Skin-Mounted Microfluidic Networks with Capillary Bursting Valves for Chrono-Sampling of Sweat 2192-2640 Choi, Jungil
2017 NANOSCALE Thin TiOx layer as a voltage divider layer located at the quasi-Ohmic junction in the Pt/Ta2O5/Ta resistance switching memory 2040-3364 Li, Xiang Yuan
2017 MOLECULAR PLANT-MICROBE INTERACTIONS Current Understandings of Plant Nonhost Resistance 0894-0282 Lee, Hyun-Ah
2017 JOURNAL OF KOREAN MEDICAL SCIENCE Using the National Health Information Database of the National Health Insurance Service in Korea for Monitoring Mortality and Life Expectancy at National and Local Levels 1011-8934 Bahk, Jinwook
2017 JOURNAL OF GASTROENTEROLOGY AND HEPATOLOGY Using transient elastography to predict hepatocellular carcinoma recurrence after radiofrequency ablation 0815-9319 Lee, Yu Rim
2017 ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION Using two-dimensional correlation size exclusion chromatography (2D-CoSEC) to explore the size-dependent heterogeneity of humic substances for copper binding 0269-7491 Lee, Yun-Kyung
2017 ADVANCES IN COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE Valorisation of post-sorption materials: Opportunities, strategies, and challenges 0001-8686 Reddy, D. Harikishore Kumar
2017 JOURNAL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATION YAP/TAZ regulates sprouting angiogenesis and vascular barrier maturation 0021-9738 Kim, Jongshin